The Tale of AMA Designs

I remember the first day that I fell in love with design and architecture. Growing up in a family owned construction business, I can vividly remember my first exposure. One day, I went to visit my Grandfather and Father onsite. I was fascinated by the size of the building, the framework, the machines, the crew, and that I was witnessing this all happen right before my eyes! I was brought into the trailer where my Grandfather picked me up and sat me on his lap. He showed me how to read the blueprints. I was mesmerized by the idea that a sketch could become reality. At the end of the day, my father let me sit on the backhoe and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! From that day on, that experience pretty much sealed the deal for me.

From those early beginnings, I was looking at homes from an entirely new perspective. At a young age, I started drawing rooms and proudly showing off my Crayola crayon drawings to my parents. “Mom, Dad, come here. I have to show you something. I have big plans! I want a bunk bed here… but ONLY the top bunk…… because I want my chair and dollhouse to go underneath so I have could more room to play.”

My playdates were far from the norm. I could care less about playing with Barbie. I was more concerned about where Barbie’s bed should go. In fact, I would play with the Barbie Dream House hours on end; arranging and rearranging all her plastic pink furniture. During playdates, I would often end up reorganizing my friends closets or rooms. Their mother’s would end up calling me to over again but not to play with their children, to help them with their bedroom instead. In elementary school, I can honestly say that I started freelancing and exploring my love for design.

My infatuation only increased with age and experience. Interior design was not only a passion of mine but it was the one thing that I felt “destined” to do. When it was time to start looking at colleges, my heart was set on continuing my education as an Interior Designer. However, my parents felt otherwise as they were concerned for my future. They felt it was a competitive field and they were worried about job security, benefits, and compensation. The conversation went a little something like this:

“Why don’t you go into the medical field and become a nurse or something?”
I quickly retorted, “Are you kidding? I gag or pass out at any site of blood.”

There was a brief moment where I considered being a physical therapist. That dream was short lived because design was imprinted in my heart. I knew that I wanted to give Interior Design a chance. I didn’t want to commit to a career for the rest of my life without knowing what my possibilities could be if I just gave Interior Design a try. After all, I had no plan B.

I started at Berkeley College that fall, majoring in Interior Design and Management. I thrived at school! I could not wait to go each day. During that time, I had interned at an international wallcovering company where I had the opportunity to collaborate with the product development team to design patterns for wallpapers that are currently available for the home today.

I thoroughly enjoyed product design because it allowed me to be creative every day. Yet, I still felt that there was something missing. I moved on from product design to focus my efforts in residential interiors because of my strong desire to help other people, where I truly felt alive and fulfilled. Your home is your sanctuary. I believe there is an energy about your home when designed correctly; it lifts you up when you are down and it is there to comfort you after a long day. It should reflect your history, personality, interests, and culture. When your home starts to encompass this criteria, that is where the magic is.