AMA Designs & Interiors LLC is a full-service interior design studio servicing clients near and far. Providing full-service design to New Jersey residents and nationally through our online interior design packages. We specialize in residential projects that are timeless with layers of unique personal details.

We believe your home should be a representation of you. When your home starts to reflect your story, personality, and style; there is a certain energy your home evokes. All of a sudden those four walls, start to feel like an extension of you and your life. When a room is well-designed, you are able to enjoy the space in a way that you haven’t had the opportunity to do before.

Design isn’t only about “the pretty things,” on a deeper level, great designs improve your life. Our homes are so much more than a mere shelter but affect what we do and how we use each space.

With that being said, we have a strong commitment to helping homeowners achieve the home of their dreams no matter what their budget is. Our goal is to encourage people to make their house feel like home and remove the intimidation behind starting a project.


Amanda M. Amato is the Principal Designer and Owner of AMA Designs & Interiors LLC.  Her career as an interior designer was destined to be. Growing up around a family-owned construction business, she was always exposed to design and architecture. Her childhood consisted of visiting job sites, drawing on the drafting boards, and reading blueprints with her Grandfather.

At the age of six, her natural ability to design was revealed. During playdates, Amanda would spend more time associating with the parents offering design advice and offering ideas for furniture placement. By the end of the day, she would leave their home with a completely different furniture arrangement then when she arrived.

Since those early beginnings, Amanda’s passion for the design industry has only grown with experience.  Amanda pursued her education at Berkeley College of Paramus where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.  She completed her internship at the international wallpaper company, Phillip Jeffries Wallcovering, as a member of the design department. Her temporary position turned into a full-time employment, where she had the opportunity to collaborate on product designs that are currently available.
While building her career, Amanda volunteered on the popular television show “Restaurant Impossible” on Food Network to assist with the design for one of the episodes filmed locally in  New Jersey. Amanda worked closely with celebrity chef, Robert Irvine, and LEED designer, Nicole Faccuito to renovate and redecorate a local soup kitchen.
Amanda was also featured in a sponsored online video series called “Make the Most of Your Space”,  in which she helps homeowners enhance their space with simple design tips. Since then, Amanda has been recognized by many other publications. For more features, please visit the press and praise page.
Today, Amanda is the Owner and Principal Designer of AMA Designs & Interiors LLC, providing full-service design to NJ residents and designs nationally through online interior design packages.

Would you like to know more?

For all inquiries, please feel free to send a message to amanda@byamadesigns.com