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How to Hang Art

Hanging art or photos on the wall seems simple enough. Just hammer in a nail, then hang, right?

Not quite. Those of us who have tried to perfectly display our favorite work of art know that it can be tricky. That’s why Invaluable has created a comprehensive picture hanging guide to help you get it right every time. Give it a read through, then let us know what work of art you ca’t wait to proudly display! Continue reading

5 Things you Must Know Before Purchasing Furniture

When you are getting ready to redecorate, there are 5 things you must know before purchasing furniture. In today’s blog post, I will be sharing a little bit about my process and how shopping for your home is much more than picking out “pretty” things.
Before we dive in, I want to share a story where I have been called in to resolve a past client’s decorating dilemma.

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Back to the Basics: Discover your Why

Today’s blog post is going to be different from the content that I normally share. I always share my design experiences here but this time I am going to relate it to my personal experience.

Surprisingly, planning a wedding and planning a design project are similar: the vision, the stress, the planning, the investment, and the outcome. When we find ourself in one of these situations, typically they are both big life changes and large decisions need to be made.. and there’s a timeline. Continue reading

7 Important Details to Consider Before your Kitchen Remodel

There are 7 important details to consider before your kitchen remodel. Renovating a kitchen is a major undertaking for a homeowner to take on alone. It requires strategic planning both, financially and aesthetically. Based on my experience, I recently completed a kitchen renovation through my online interior design services, many of these points were brought up during the project and I thought it would be beneficial to share.

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From Outdated to Updated Modern Master Bathroom

When new homeowners called on me for help with their modern master bathroom, I saw the potential beyond the outdated interior and cracked ceramic tiles. The young couple had style and their current bathroom didn’t reflect their minimalist modern inspiration photos. Through the process of my edesign services, I came up with a proposed design concept for the space. Continue reading

How to Use Pantone “Greenery” at Home

The 2017 Color of the Year is Pantone “Greenery” which is a citrus green hue. You might have already started to notice this shade in magazines and in stores. As I stare at gray skies and nearly melted snow, I am craving color in my life and can’t wait to spruce up my home with this shade. Today, I will be sharing my tips on how to use Pantone Greenery at home.

This shade of green is a refreshing and revitalizing zesty yellow-green. It is a color that will spice up and add vitality to any interior. You can incorporate the color of the year into your home in many ways without committing to painting your walls. Here’s how: Continue reading

The One Thing you Need for a Successful Room

The one thing you need to have a successful room, in my opinion, is the furniture layout.  You can have beautiful furniture and a great color scheme, but if the furniture isn’t arranged correctly – it can make or break the room.

Arranging your furniture in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A furniture layout that is designed correctly will make you feel invited into the space and also doesn’t hinder your entertaining aspects and how you use the space itself. Continue reading