How to Find your Design Style

Discovering your design style is the first step to decorating any space. Decorating your house before you understand your style is like planning a trip without an address or a navigation system. Sure, you might get to your destination but not before some frightening things have occurred.
It takes time to fully understand your design style, believe me, I am still perfecting my personal style as it is ever-changing since I am influenced by so many design trends since I am in the industry. Your design style is about understanding who you are and having your home reflect your unique personality. For me, my personality is fun, playful, organic, spontaneous yet I need balance, structure and order to focus during work or to unwind from the day. I tend to gravitate towards modern interiors that nod toward the mid-century era with playful patterns, statement artwork, high-contrast, warm metals, and a little nature. Of course, I appreciate transitional and a touches of glam here and there (love a little sparkle).

So by now, I bet you are saying, “Amanda, that’s great… But what if I don’t have a style?” — and the answer is: Yes, You DO have a style.

You may like a lot of different styles and don’t identify with one design style. Or maybe you feel that you don’t have a design style at all. But let me assure you that you definitely have a design style. If you have a personality, you have a style. You may not uncovered it yet but through some exploration you will be able to pinpoint “your unique style.”
mid-century-living-room (Design Inspiration by Erin Barrett via The Glitter Guide)
You may be asking,

“Why is finding my Design Style important?”

  1. Your House will Feel like “Home” – When your home starts to reflect your personality, something magically happens. Your home will instantly start to feel more comfortable. You begin to look forward to sinking into your sofa kicking your feet up onto the ottoman covering yourself with a fuzzy blanket. You anticipate sliding into bed after a long day, not because your tired but because you finally have a space that fills every need.
  2. Shopping will be a Breeze – With being bombarded by advertisements and inspiration everywhere, your Pinterest page is exploding at the seams with design ideas and DIY projects that you hope one day you will complete. You may have an idea of what you like, but you are completely distracted and don’t know where to begin. Once you pinpoint you design style, you will begin to feel confident in decision making and shopping will become much easier.
  3. You will be able to Polish your Home with Ease – When you are designing your space, there comes a time where you need to “edit” your things. You will need to decipher what items can stay and what items can go. When you have clarity of your design sense, you can easily see what objects are meant to stay through a new perspective.
(Design Inspiration by Nuevo Estilo)

“Where do I start?”

Start by looking at your wardrobe. The answer may be hidden in your closet. Chances are, if you love wearing it than you will love coming home to it too. If your closet is filled with casual wear and denim, then your home should have a more relaxed vibe. If your clothing is tailored, then your home should have a more tailored look to it with shapely sofas and tufted ottomans.
 living-room-sofa(Design Inspiration via House of Turquoise)
As what makes us unique, our influences and experiences make us who we are. We are all a mix of more than one influence, that goes with style and personality. I encourage you to explore your design style and express your personality through accessories, decor, furnishings, art, patterns, and color.

Don’t know your Design Style? Take the Style Quiz!

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