How to Mix and Match Patterns


Decorating with pattern is one of my most highly requested questions. What patterns go with what? How do you mix and match patterns? In this post, I am sharing my simple three step guide for how to mix and match pattern like a professional! Read the full blog post, or watch the video!

How to Mix and Match Pattern by AMA Designs

When decorating with patterns, you are allowed up to 5 patterns in a room. Of course, the rules can be broken. Since we are just beginning to decorate with pattern, I like to use 3 patterns. I like to use one geometric, one organic or freeform print, and one pattern that is to scale – either large or small scale depending on the other prints selected.

STEP 1: To start, I am going to select this Stark fabric which classifies as “Geometric.” It is a great fabric for window treatments since it is a sheer.

Stark Fabrics “Mancini” in color Tinsel



STEP 2: Since this fabric is geometric, my next pattern will be freeform. I have selected an organic pattern in a floral print by JF Fabrics in pattern “Ferri.”

JF Fabrics “Ferri”

STEP 3: Now to incorporate my third pattern. Since the first two patterns are on a similar scale, I am going to add a mini-print. A pattern of small scale for contrast in my color scheme. For my third pattern, I am going to add the mini print called “Spot on” by Thibaut Fabrics.

Thibaut Fabrics “Spot On” in color Citron

So there you have it, my 3 step guide to decorating with pattern! We have one geometric pattern, one organic/freeform pattern, and one pattern to scale.

You don’t have to decorate with three patterns but I feel it’s easier to start with and identify what patterns you need or don’t need. If three prints is too much for you, you can decorate with two to start.

For more examples on how to mix and match patterns, watch the full video.

I hope that makes sense! If you have enjoyed this video on how to mix and match patterns, please share it with a friend! If you have any questions or need help with your decorating project, feel free to send me an email at or visit the contact page! 🙂


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