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You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Present your home at it’s best by staging your home for sale before potential buyers visit.

We offer full-room home staging services for vacant properties as well as partial staging for occupied listings. Staging a home for sale is more than just decorating. It’s about selecting the correct scale furniture so rooms feel bigger, arranging furniture to maximize living potential, choosing a color scheme that’s warm and inviting, creating focal points that highlight the homes features, and while helping the buyer envision the home as their future home.


Full staging services start at $3,000 depending on the scope of the project, quantity of furniture/accessories required, and time frame


  • Initial Consultation
  • Design Planning/Furniture Layouts
  • Sourcing furniture, allocating inventory and accessories
  • Coordinating delivery and installation schedules
  • Set-up and oversight on installation day
  • Coordinating the final move-out
  • Move-out Day: dismantling, packing, and removal of furniture
  • All time related to executing the staging design to the final move-out


The fee for furniture rental ranges from $500-$999 per room/per month depending on the square footage, quantity of furniture is required, and time frame. Furniture rental fees are in addition to the staging fee.
Furniture Rental is billed on 3-month period and is renewable in 3 month increments. If home is sold before the 3 month period, the staging services will not be reimbursed or refunded.
Shorter terms are available and will be priced accordingly. Must fulfill furniture rental minimum of $1,500 for a 30-day period.


Delivery and Installation fees are additional and will be quoted based on the location of delivery and will be included in your package.


  1. Sell High: According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), studies have shown that staged homes on average sold up to 6% higher
  2. Sell Fast: Staged homes sell 40% faster than unstaged homes. According to the NAR, the longer a property stays in the market, the lower the price it will attract.
  3. Great Return on Investment: The costs of staging your home is less than your first price drop! An NAR survey reveals that a 1-3% investment on home staging yields a 8-10% return
  4. Online Photos Stand Out: Professionally staged homes make listing photos stand out online compared competitors in the market. Immediately capturing the buyers attention online is important as 90% of potential home buyers start their property search online first.
  5. More Showings: Staged homes attract more visibility online, which increases the willingness to view the home in-person, more foot-traffic/showings, and more offers.
  6. Emotional Connection: Staged homes make it easier for the buyer to visualize a property as their future home up to 78% according to the NAR report
  7. Save on Holding Costs: The more time a home sits on the market, the more holding costs for mortgage costs and utility costs add up. Studies have shown that on average, staged home saved up to $2,122.00 in mortgage payments (without utility included).
  8. Selling Features are Highlighted: The features and key selling points of the home are highlighted and “flaws” are overlooked. Showcasing the home  in it’s best light.
  9. Maximize Profit, Minimize Stress: Investing in staging services ensures that your home is making a great first-impression to potential buyers and that you aren’t leaving money on the table and reduce the stress of your house sitting in the market.
  10. Move-In Ready: Homes that are staged, appear “move-in ready” and well-maintained which make purchasing the home more compelling

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