How to Find your Design Style

Discovering your design style is the first step to decorating any space. Decorating your house before you understand your style is like planning a trip without an address or a navigation system. Sure, you might get to your destination but not before some frightening things have occurred.
It takes time to fully understand your design style, believe me, I am still perfecting my personal style as it is ever-changing since I am influenced by so many design trends since I am in the industry. Your design style is about understanding who you are and having your home reflect your unique personality. For me, my personality is fun, playful, organic, spontaneous yet I need balance, structure and order to focus during work or to unwind from the day. I tend to gravitate towards modern interiors that nod toward the mid-century era with playful patterns, statement artwork, high-contrast, warm metals, and a little nature. Of course, I appreciate transitional and a touches of glam here and there (love a little sparkle).

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How to Define your Design Style

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You just moved in or are looking for a new home, you started shopping around online, you made Pinterest & Houzz inspiration boards, you bookmarked all your favorite items, you watched reruns of HGTV shows, you took notes from a YouTube video on how to DIY everything, and you have been stock piling coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond like nobody’s business.

You did the research and you gathered inspiration but ….

…Where on earth do you start??

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10 Benefits of Home Staging

As a designer and someone who works closely with realtors (my fiance is one), I’ve witnessed the power of home staging first hand. Home staging is the act of preparing and showcasing your home for sale. The benefits of home staging have been statistically proven to be highly effective by numerous surveys and real estate reports.

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How to Hang Art

Hanging art or photos on the wall seems simple enough. Just hammer in a nail, then hang, right?

Not quite. Those of us who have tried to perfectly display our favorite work of art know that it can be tricky. That’s why Invaluable has created a comprehensive picture hanging guide to help you get it right every time. Give it a read through, then let us know what work of art you ca’t wait to proudly display! Continue reading

5 Things you Must Know Before Purchasing Furniture

When you are getting ready to redecorate, there are 5 things you must know before purchasing furniture. In today’s blog post, I will be sharing a little bit about my process and how shopping for your home is much more than picking out “pretty” things.
Before we dive in, I want to share a story where I have been called in to resolve a past client’s decorating dilemma.

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